Premium wines & Food  from Spain

Represent family-owned vineyards across Spain

We bring popular and recognized foods from Spain to your table

We believe the most alive and vibrant wines are made in the vineyard. We have searched both established and up-and-coming regions thought the Iberian Peninsula to find growers who respect their land by using the most natural means possible, often practicing organic and/or biodynamic farming.

Coming from small producers of all regions and varieties.
For many of our growers, this is how their ancestors made wine long before it became popular. Our winegrowers emphasize Iberia’s indigenous grape varieties and, above all else, work with their land to handcraft honest wines with a sense of place. To this end they harvest by hand, use only indigenous yeast during fermentation, and sulphur additions and filtering are kept to a minimum or none. These are the guiding principles we use to seek out new growers, and as Iberia’s diverse terruño continues to be uncovered, we look forward to discovering and bringing our customers many more new, fascinating and unknown wines.

Our food is made as their ancestors did, long before it became popular. Our hams highlight the native varieties, whether Iberian, Serrano, or Celtic, above all, they are honestly made products with a sense of place.

These are the guiding principles we use to look for new products, we hope to discover and bring to our customers many more, new, fascinating and unknown.