Regional and delicious wines and foods and bringing them to our customers, while helping the small growers thrive, is what continues to drive us.

Variety, honesty and simplicity
Our family comes from Spain, we opened our restaurant in 2011 in Florida, in dealing with our thousands of customers every year, we realized the enthusiasm that wakes up the Spanish food and products. So began Serrano Ham Club, as a way to share our passion for Spanish ham and food for the whole country. We love the pure and honest flavors of the food that our artisans produce for, looking for the most natural and environmentally friendly products. We hope you enjoy your own table and sharing these special foods with family and friends.

Our experience in the wholesale distribution and import of wines in the USA, enables us to search and offer some of the most interesting wines in Spain, from small producers. Family projects, or innovative young people, from the most unknown regions and less conventional styles.
All wines represented in the portfolio must meet three key criteria:
The wine should be a good representation of the grape variety from which it comes.
From producers who work with their land to produce honest wines.
The wine must be excellent in the price / value category.
These are the guiding principles we use to look for new producers. We hope to discover and bring to our customers many more new, fascinating and unknown wines, to satisfy the needs of international importers and distributors.